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Annotated Bibliography on Health Promotion

Prepared by Joanne Marshall, Oonagh Maley, Penney Kirby, Beatrice Boucher, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto in collaboration with the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto for the Health Education and Promotion Unit (HEP), WHO, Geneva

Available on the Faculty of Information, U of T site :

This annotated bibliography was prepared at the request of the Health Education and Promotion Unit (HEP) of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, to the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto.

The goal was to prepare a bibliography on health promotion that would be useful to both the participants of the 4th International Conference on Health Promotion (4th ICHP) "New Players for a New Era: Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century", Jakarta, July 1997, and the overall work within the WHO five year plan of action for health education and promotion.

In order to keep the bibliography to a manageable size, the focus is on general health promotion books and technical reports published since 1990 and gave priority to WHO and other international publications. Specialized titles within health promotion such as schools, AIDS/HIV, workplace health, and aging were not included unless they appeared to be comprehensive or standard works. Journal articles were included if they were substantive reviews. A selected list of journal titles that publish health promotion articles was also included. Short annotations were included wherever possible; longer abstracts were included if provided by the contributor. A unique addition to this bibliography is a list of health promotion Web sites that provide access to many more sources of information beyond this bibliography.