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HealthPromis Bibliographic Database for Health Development Agency

HealthPromis is the national public health database for England, and is produced by the Health Development Agency. HealthPromis focuses on evidence-based public health, health promotion and health inequalities. The database, which contains references and document links to books and journal articles, is aimed at health professionals, researchers, academics and policy makers. HealthPromis is continually updated so the information remains topical and current.

Housed within the central database as a "niche database" is the HDA's Evidence Base. The content held within the Evidence Base database consists of a series of briefing papers across a range of topic areas which aim to provide accounts of the state of the evidence in these areas, identify gaps in the research base and make recommendations for future research. These topic-specific briefing documents are called Evidence Based Briefing Documents and are based on a collation and synthesis of review level data.

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