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The Interfaith Health Program

In January 1993, the Interfaith Health Program was launched by Dr. William H. Foege, Fellow for Health Policy at the Carter Center and former head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Major funding was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Pew Charities Trusts and the Cousins Foundation. The Program has the general goal of mobilizing the potential energies of faith groups around a wide range of health activities. Its primary interest in health is in prevention, health promotion and justice


IHP-NET is an Internet electronic forum for dialogue and resource sharing among persons of all religious traditions, regarding the dynamic relationship between spirituality and health, especially its

practical expression in the advancement of human wellness. This forum welcomes community and spiritual leaders, health care providers, health promoters, policy advocates, and educators the world over. These include public officials and community builders; clergy and non-ordained; physicians, nurses, congregationally-based and public health practitioners; and university faculty and students.

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