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Media/Materials Clearinghouse

The Media/Materials Clearinghouse (M/MC) at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs collects media or materials that promote reproductive health and related issues. We actively collect health and population-related pamphlets, posters, videos, audiotapes, teaching materials, and novelty items. The collection now includes over 27,000 items and attracts hundreds of visitors and thousands of requests each year, almost exclusively from the health profession.

The M/MC would like to let you know about two new electronic resources


This list of new materials added to the collection is distributed twice each month. It usually describes about 25-30 items and runs about 5-7 pages. It can be viewed on the M/MC section of the CCP

website at: or you can subscribe to a text-only version that is sent each time as an e-mail. The web version includes graphic images of some of the materials.

To subscribe to the text-only e-mail version, go to type in your e-mail address and click "SUBMIT." Or send an e-mail to In the body of the e-mail type:

subscribe mmc-announce


ImageBase is a visual database of international health-related posters on the M/MC section of the CCP website. It now includes images of over 450 posters, stickers, t-shirts, and buttons from more than 30 countries.

You can also search by more than fifteen subjects, including: Adolescent Health; Contraceptive Methods; HIV/AIDS

In addition to the image, you will find information on the material, including contact information, date of production, description, and intended audience.

- submitted by Lorraine Telford, The Health Communication Unit, at the Centre for Health Promotion University of Toronto