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Comings and Goings, Early June 2005

I Introduction

This week we have some comings and goings in Ontario health promotion!

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II Comings and Goings

A. Best Start Resource Centre

Niki Deller, Information Coordinator with the Best Start Resource Centre, is leaving to join CARE4Nurses. All of us at OPC and Best Start wish her all the best! We know that she'll have great success in her new position.

B. Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse

It is with mixed feelings that I'm writing to tell you that Christiane Fontaine, one of the Health Promotion Resource Centre's two francophone Health Promotion Consultants, is leaving us. She has been a wonderful colleague and a mainstay of the HPRC team and of OPC for 15 years. She has vast knowledge of francophone health promotion and health services issues and infrastructure in Ontario, although this knowledge sits lightly on her. She has been instrumental in OPC being part of many key francophone networks in the province and beyond, and being the bilingual organization it is today. She now moves to a position where all her skills and experience will be put to very good, if not better, use.

Christiane's last day at OPC will be June 10 and on June 13 Christiane takes over as Executive Director of Le Regroupement des intervenantes et intervenants francophones en santé et en services sociaux de l'Ontario (RIFSSSO), an umbrella organization of a dozen groups of French-language professionals in the fields of health and social services in Ontario. Christiane knows RIFSSSO well, having been there on secondment for a year, and working with them even after her secondment ended. Our loss is RIFSSSO's gain. We look forward to working closely with RIFSSSO in the future with Christiane at the helm.

Christiane, we'll miss you! But you're just down the road, so we hope to see you often. Many, many good wishes for your new position at RIFSSSO!

With warm wishes,

Subha Sankaran

Manager, Health Promotion Resource Centre

Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse

C. Ontario Self-Help Network Program

Just wanted to introduce myself to you all as the substitute for Gillian Kranias while she is on maternity leave. I will be here until April 2006, and hope to meet you and get to know something about your work during that time. My background is somewhat different from Gillian's in that my work experience covers addiction therapy, volunteer management, and adult education and training in facilitation skills, amongst other things.


Spencer Brennan

Interim Coordinator, Ontario Self-Help Network Program

D. The Health Communication Unit

I am pleased two announce two additions to THCU's core staff: Robb MacDonald, who will consult in the areas of health communication, planning, evaluation, policy, and Heather Graham, working on the areas of planning, evaluation, and policy. For more detailed information on their backgrounds, please visit!

Larry Hershfield

Manager, THCU