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Letters to the Editor & Comings and Goings, December 2003

I Introduction

This week we have two responses to OHPE 338.1, "Colorectal Cancer: Why Is Screening Important?" (

We also have a new round up of changes in our Comings and Goings column.

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II Letters in Response to OHPE 338.1, Colorectal Cancer: Why Is Screening Important?

A. An Update on CRC Statistics from Cancer Care Ontario

It has come to our attention that some errors have occurred in last week's article on colorectal cancer. First, colorectal cancer was mentioned as "the most common cancer killer in Canada in both men and women." In fact, lung cancer kills far more people every year than does colorectal cancer. For example, in 2001 there were nearly 6,000 deaths due to lung cancer in Ontario compared to 2,400 colorectal cancer deaths (Insight on Cancer: news and information on colorectal cancer. To be published by Cancer Care Ontario and the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division early in 2004). The same pattern is true for Canada as a whole (National Cancer Institute of Canada, Canadian Cancer Statistics, 2003). Second, Ontario is cited as having "among the highest incidence rates of CRC in all of Canada," while actually there is a strong west to east gradient in CRC incidence (National Cancer Institute of Canada, Canadian Cancer Statistics, 2003). The Atlantic provinces had the highest incidence rates in 2003 and Ontario ranked seventh out of the 10 provinces (National Cancer Institute of Canada, 2003). It is true, however, that Ontario (and Canada) has one of the highest incidence rates of CRC in the world (Parkin et al.. Cancer incidence in five continents, vol VIII. 2002).

Readers should look for the upcoming publication of two relevant issues of Insight on Cancer: news and information on nutrition and cancer and news and information on colorectal cancer. This new series of publications from Cancer Care Ontario, in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division), is aimed at providing up-to-date and accurate information for health professionals and policy makers in Ontario. The publications will be available on the websites of both Cancer Care Ontario ( and the Canadian Cancer Society (

-- The Division of Preventive Oncology, Cancer Care Ontario


B. An Additional Resource from the Preventive Oncology Program, Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre

I have a resource to add to the article Colorectal Cancer: Why is Screening Important?

The oncology nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and radiation therapists at the Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre (TSRCC), under the auspices of the Preventive Oncology Program, are pleased to offer an educational program on cancer prevention and early detection to community groups and health care professionals.

Presentations are available on the following topics:

* Colorectal Cancer--Prevention and Early Detection

* Men and Cancer--Prevention and Early Detection

* Women and Cancer--Prevention and Early Detection

* Healthy Eating to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

* Sun Sense--Prevention and Early Detection of Skin Cancer

If your group would like to host a presentation or if you require further information, please contact

Marlene Greenberg, MS

Manager, Cancer Prevention

Preventive Oncology Program

Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre

2075 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

Tel: (416) 480-5000 x3059

Fax: (416) 217-1333

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III Comings and Goings

A. Changes at OPHA

We're moving! As of mid-December, the OPHA will be located at

Lawrence Square

700 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 310

Toronto, Ontario M6A 3B4

Directions are available at Phone, fax and email information remain the same.

Also, as announced in OHPE 333.1, David MacKinnon joined OPHA as Executive Director on November 17, 2003.


B. Staff Changes at the Alberta Centre for Active Living

Warm congratulations to Dr. Ron Plotnikoff, the centre's Senior Research Associate, who was recently promoted from associate professor to full professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta. The centre's Research Advisor, Dr. John Spence was

also recently promoted to associate professor in the same faculty.

We welcome Rosanne Prinsen as our new Resource Coordinator. Rosanne has a BPE and an MSc (specializing in injury management and prevention). She recently finished contract work with the Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research and until the end of this year is teaching anatomy and physiology courses at King's University College in Edmonton. Rosanne will be managing

the centre's resource library and answering information requests.

We also welcome Gilda Lagrange. Gilda has a BPE and will be part-time (afternoons) as our Office Assistant. Gilda shares this position with our morning Administrative Assistant, Margaret Burns.


C. OHCC To Host CCEDNet Co-ordinator

As of December 1, 2003, OHCC will be hosting the position of Ontario Region Community Economic Development Co-ordinator for the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet). This is a three day a week, three-year contract, which will be carried out by Monique Beaudoin. Monique will combine these duties with her role as Community Animator for the Northeast region.


D. People on the Move From CharityVillage

* John Fleming joins The Arthritis Society as the new national Chief Executive Officer, effective January 5, 2004. Jo-Anne Sobie begins this week as Executive Director, Ontario Division of The Arthritis Society.

* Gordon Floyd will become Executive Director and CEO of Children's Mental Health Ontario on January 19, 2004.

* Wendy Warner is the new Executive Director of Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation.

* Phillip Haid has been promoted to Director of Business Development and Andrea Donlan to Director of Marketing at Manifest Communications.

For more details, and more people on the move in the nonprofit sector, visit