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The Change Management Institute:

The first annual Change Management Institute will be offered by The Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program, Schulich School of Business at York University in partnership with Innovaction July 28 and 29, 1997.

This two-day Institute in Toronto will explore new thinking and current management practices for leaders in the nonprofit sector. The theme is 'Changeability and Innovation'. Featured presenters are York faculty and Innovaction consultants.

The program can be viewed on the Internet at:

Monday July 28 All day sessions (participants choose one)

A, Learning From Complexity: Brenda Zimmerman

B. Leading a Learning Organization: Peter O'Donnell

C. Managing Change Incrementally: Asaf Zohar, Bill Tassie

E. Partnerships that Work: Bryan Hayday

Tues. July 29 Half day sessions (participants choose 1 am & 1 pm)

AM: E. Organizational Change: Are you Ready?: Debbie Masters

F. Becoming an Entrepreneurial Organization: Lesley Miller

G. Smart Strategies with Scenario Planning: Peter O'Donnell

H. Meeting New RFP Evaluation Requirements: Arnold Love

PM: I. Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture: Susan FitzRandolf

J. Tales from the Field: Sharing Reflections on Change and Transformation: Asaf Zohar and Debbie Ackley

K. Engaging the Team in Organizational Change: Debbie Masters

For information, contact:

Barbara Williams at INNOVACTION

Tel. 416-408-4499 ext. 273 or toll free 1-888-466-6822