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Engaging your Community and Youth through Social Enterprise, RRA Spring Event 2018

Perth, Ontario
March 29, 2018
Social enterprises are not volunteer organizations. They operate by selling things and can be registered as a for-profit or non-profit. Profits are principally used to fund social programs.

This exciting and informative education day is open to new and existing members: Municipal staff and leaders, educators, service providers, recreation leaders, and anyone interested in learning more about Social Enterprise and Engaging Youth. Please pass this invitation onto anyone who may be interested.

We have a great lineup of presenters and wish to feature them:

  • Spread the Joy-Social Enterprise, Innovative Community Support Services social purpose is to provide the support and practical education for adults with a developmental disability and mental health disorder, who face significant barriers for sustainable and meaningful employment. We offer our participants the opportunity to gain skills, training, programs and social inclusion for all. A secondary element of our social purpose is to be environmentally conscious and use as much as possible of our own grown produce for the creation of our merchandise, along with ensuring we use all our farming and land resources by recycling, up cycling, and creatively thinking outside the box to craft new products.
  • Our growing Social Enterprise, "Spread the Joy" is not only a workshop of meaningful creativity, it's designed by empowering our participants by including them both in the creation of our wonderful products, as well as giving them a voice in decision-making and management. Our dedicated participants learn valuable skills while also benefitting from paid work in a variety of ways. 100% of the sales of Spread the Joy products is invested back into our programming, and to providing employment opportunities for adults with varying needs.
  • Owl Cafe is a social enterprise providing skills for life and employment opportunities for tweens, Teens, and young adults with Autism & ADHD.
  • the Changers Ottawa is a not for profit organization committed to providing engaging programming and services to the at-risk youth community in Ottawa.

The Rural Recreation Association (RRA) welcomes all to register for this RRA Spring Event at the $40 rate.  This includes the refreshments, lunch, registration and a 2018 RRA membership).

Registration is a must and on a first come basis. Please register at