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Nurses in the Know: Crisis Intervention for Adults Using a Trauma-Informed Approach--A Best Practice Guideline, RNAO

March 27, 2018

12:00-1:00 pm  EDT

A crisis is an emotional and physical reaction to a life event. The life events that can cause a crisis are diverse, and may include learning of receiving a new medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one, experiencing violence, witnessing a natural disaster, or triggers that bring back past trauma. A crisis event may interfere with your ability to cope and do daily activities.
RNAOs Crisis Intervention for Adults Using a Trauma-Informed Approach: Initial Four Weeks of Management Third Edition Best Practice Gudeiline (BPG) is relevant for all domains of nursing practice (i.e., clinical practice, research, education, and policy and administration) as well as for other members of the interprofessional team across all practice settings at the unit, organization, and system levels. For the purposes of this Guideline, the interprofessional team is comprised of multiple health-care providers (regulated and unregulated), first responders (such as police officers), and peer support workers who all work collaboratively to deliver comprehensive and quality responses, care, and services to people within, between, and across health-care and community settings. The Guideline is applicable in all practice settings and promotes consistent, evidence-based response and care.

Session Objectives

  • Highlight components of guideline development process, including the systematic review
  • Highlight main themes of guideline recommendations
  • Share areas for future research
  • Describe implementation supports, including evaluation measures to demonstrate the impact of the guideline  

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Presenter(s) and Credentials 

  • Nafsin Nizum, RN, MN, Guideline Development Co-Lead
  • Nancy Poole, PhD, Guideline Development Co-Chair
  • Rosanra Yoon, NP, MN, PhD (cand), Guideline Development Co-Chair
  • Gurjit K. Toor, RN, MPH, Evaluation Manager

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