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OHPE Year In Review: 2002 Feature Articles

I Introduction

One of the goals of the OHPE is to reflect the variety and diversity that is health promotion in Ontario. To help us with this, we created what we fondly refer to as The Subject Matrix -- a list of action areas, determinants of health, foundations of health promotion, generic strategies, priority populations, issues, and settings (for more information on the Subject Matrix, its origins and definitions, please visit the OHPE Database at At the end of every calendar year, we sit down and review all of the feature articles to see what areas we've covered and what ones we haven't.

II Highlights of 2002

Last year we had a diverse group of articles contributed by writers from organizations across the province. They wrote on a variety of issues (raves, aboriginal reproductive health, anorexia online, health literacy, poverty, biotechnology, obesity), described a number of current health promotion programs (caregiving, preconception planning, recreation and self-esteem, isolated seniors, healthy schools) and provided information on recent campaigns (tobacco control, labelling, family resources). A complete list of feature articles, with links, is provided at the end of this article in section V.

We'd like to thank all of the writers. Without your valuable volunteer time we could not be representative of the great work that goes on in this province: Vonnie Baron, Michelle Black, Mark Cabaj, Josie D'Avernas, Karin Davis, Erica Di Ruggiero, Nancy Dubois, Christiane Fontaine, Karen Hayward, Myriam Jamault, Joanne Kaashoek, Sandra Kendal, Dianne Kinnon, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Larson, Janice MacAulay, Jennifer Macdonald, Carol MacDougall, Linda Millar, Jennifer Mitton, Lawrence Murphy, Bernadette Navarro, Ann Nowak, OPHA Food Biotechnology Workgroup, Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, Dianne Patychuk, Barbara Ronson, Irving Rootman, Best Start Maternal, Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre, Susan Swanson, and Lise Tessier.

We'd also like to thank those of you who took the time to contribute to our new Letters to the Editor column (LttE). We began this section in the summer of 2002 to give people a chance to add to OHPE content without committing to writing an entire article. For more information, visit the OHPE News section of OHPE 268.0 ( A list of LttEs from 2002 is in section V.

This was our fifth year of producing the OHPE, and we couldn't resist giving our readers an inside view of how the OHPE Bulletin is created, who is involved, and how we adapt to changing situations -- from computer breakdowns to introducing new sections and formats. Links to these two feature articles are also in section V.

And, finally, we'd like to thank those who spread the word! This year we received more responses to feature articles and more requests for reprints in a variety of electronic and print publications than ever before. We even had an article picked up by CBC-TV's Health Matters program (congratulations to Karin Davis on her excellent piece, "Ana & Mia: the Online World of Anorexia").

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III What's Coming in 2003 and OHPE's Most Wanted

We're working on some very interesting feature articles for early in the new year: self-help groups moving from professional-led to mutual support, oral health, and the design of cities and its impact on health. We'll also be developing articles on some of the issues covered at the determinants of health conference (e.g., child care and its impact on poverty).

As always, the year-end review reveals what areas we haven't covered in-depth. From this, we develop a list of topics we would like to find writers for in the coming year. In 2003, we'd love to fill the following gaps in our growing archive of health promotion information:

* Cancer (e.g., linked to environment, biology and genetics, social support networks, or working conditions)

* Visible Minority (e.g., linked to income and social status, collaboration, research/values, and assumptions)

* Income and Social Status (e.g., linked to a population of interest, strategy, or setting)

Have a look, and if you'd like to write on these topics, or know someone who'd be a good person to ask, let us know by writing

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IV How to Find the Article You Need

There are many ways for readers to access past feature articles and other information on our website. You can

* select from a list of past bulletins by clicking on Bulletin Index on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to;

* select from a list of past feature articles, sorted chronologically, by clicking on Features on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to;

* select from a list of resources sorted alphabetically by clicking on Resources on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to;

* select from a list of job postings, events and/or announcements by clicking on Announcements on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to;

* search the database by selecting categories from the subject matrix explained at; or

* search by keyword at

We are working on the next version of the online archive, so please let us know if you have any feedback by writing or

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V Feature Articles from 2002

289 Vibrant Communities: Local Efforts to Reduce Poverty

287 Is working getting more stressful?

285 Analysing Your Community for Planning Community Health Action

283 Best Practices in Tobacco Control

282 Multicultural Health

280 Healthy Schools

279 Finding Our Way: Sexual and Reproductive Health for Aboriginal Communities

277 Smoking in the Home When the Home is Also a Workplace

275 HIGH FIVE: Quality at Play

272 Building Support Networks for Isolated Seniors

271 Working in a Political Climate: Lessons from the Rave Issue

270 Health Literacy and Health Promotion

268 Tensions and Possibilities: Forging Better Links Between Family Resource Programs and Child Welfare

266 Developing a Common Understanding of Health Promotion Capacity Building

264 People's Voices: Poverty and Health Services in Toronto

262 Who Cares for the Caregiver?

260 Using Evaluation to Support Changes in Youth Party Environments

258 The 5 C's: making your health messages accessible to a wider population

256 Food Biotechnology: Public Health Issues

254 Preconception Health Promotion

252 Smoke-free By-laws

250 Deceptive Cigarette Labelling

249 Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence

246 Little Girls are Made of ...

244 Ana & Mia: The Online World of Anorexia and Bulimia

243 Obesity

241 The Parenting Alliance: Fostering a Culture of Parenting

* About the OHPE

290 Behind the Scenes with the OHPE Team

257 Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin Celebrates Five Years!

* Letters to the Editor

288 Letters to the Editor, December 2002

Our coverage of the Romanow report and a reader's success with "Bank of Canada Unclaimed Balances" (OHPE 273).

284 Letter to the Editor, November 2002

A reader reacts to the announcement of a new Marijuana Education Guide.

273 Letters to the Editor, August 2002

Simon Mielniczuk alerts us to "Bank of Canada Unclaimed Balances."

269 Letters to the Editor, July 2002

A reader responds to OHPE 244, Ana & Mia Online World of Anorexia.