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New Resource--Here Comes Baby video series: Bathing your baby, Ottawa Public Health and the Monarch Centre

Ottawa Public Health and The Monarch Centre are happy to announce the release of the Bathing your baby video, a first in a series of new videos for soon-to-be parents entitled Here Comes Baby.

The Here Comes Baby series will bring together local parents, health professionals and experts to discuss the realities of life with a new baby. Expect to see some familiar faces!

The series will include:

  • Baby bath and diapering demonstrations
  • Experiences and tips from real parents
  • Information from local experts and health professionals
  • And more!

The Bathing your baby video demonstrates how to give a new baby a bath. It includes tips and tricks on how to turn bath time into an enjoyable experience for both baby and the parent or caregiver.

Parents and health professionals can view the trailer for the video series as well as the Bathing your baby video on Parenting in Ottawa’s website ( or by visiting Parenting in Ottawa’s Facebook page, where they can ask questions and share experiences with other local parents. Parents and health professionals can also like or follow the Parenting in Ottawa Facebook page ( to be the first to know when a new video is released.

Please share the video within your networks and with your clients.