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New Resource--Cancer Care Ontario Releases Cancer Risk Factors Atlas of Ontario

Cancer Care Ontario is pleased to release Cancer Risk Factors Atlas of Ontario, which describes the geographic distribution of modifiable risk factors related to cancer and other chronic diseases at a local level.

This atlas was created to address the need for detailed, local information on modifiable risk factors. The information in the atlas will help the public health community and Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) better understand the health of their communities, as well as identify priority populations and areas. This information can also aid in the development of targeted prevention efforts to improve health and reduce local health disparities.

What is included in the atlas:

  • Information on the estimated prevalence of six modifiable risk factors at the local level (census dissemination area): alcohol consumption, excess body weight, inadequate vegetable and fruit consumption, inadequate physical activity, sedentary behaviour and smoking
  • Maps and descriptions for each risk factor provided for males and females and two age groups (ages 12 to 18 and age 12 and older), organized by LHIN
  • An overview of the data and methods, an interpretive guide to accompany the maps, and technical appendices

On our website you will find a link to the atlas, frequently asked questions and downloadable data from the atlas:

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