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New Resource--Evidence-based Canadian tool for Self-Evaluation within Multi-Sectoral Partnerships, Health Nexus

Health Nexus is pleased to announce the publication of the English version of the Self-Evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership (Health Nexus, 2017). This is a full translation and adaptation of the Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat originally published in 2008 by Direction de santé publique de l’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal.

The self-evaluation tool focusses on different aspects of a partnership. It allows partnership members to express their perceptions and opinions about their partnership experiences. It was designed to be used by members of a partnership who voluntarily participate in self-evaluation. It is not designed for accountability purposes or for results-based management.

The 18 items in the tool relate to the six requirements for effective partnership work identified by Bilodeau et al. L’Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat : Fondements, élaboration et validation (Canadian Journal of Public Health 2011,

  1. The range of perspectives relevant to the issue
  2. Early stakeholder involvement in strategic decisions
  3. Engagement of stakeholders in negotiating and influencing decisions
  4. Commitment of strategic and pivotal stakeholders to the project
  5. Partnership arrangements that favour equalization of power among the stakeholders
  6. Partnership arrangements that help build collective action

The tool is manageable in size and highly adaptable. For example, a partnership may self-evaluate based on the 6 requirements or the 18 related items. Also, a partnership may choose to conduct a group discussion for evaluation, or to begin by individual survey completion followed by group discussion.

This tool includes important process equity indicators that have been raised within many partnership circles and that address issues highlighted in the Health Nexus and OPHA project Collaborative Leadership in Practice (  It also includes indicators which touch on a partnership’s capacity to enlist its multi-stakeholder perspectives towards innovation.

The tool was first published in Quebec in 2008, after extensive testing and adaptation with multi-stakeholder partnerships from a variety of neighbourhood initiatives. Health Nexus is pleased to have published this English translation and adaptation after a rewarding collaboration with its original author Angèle Bilodeau (University of Montreal).

Health Nexus provides customized partnership support and training services to help you build dynamic partnerships and improve community health by expanding options and equity for all:

Download the new English tool from
and the original French tool from

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