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Addressing Self-Injurious Behaviour, SafeGuards Training

Peterborough, Ontario
December 5, 2017

Many people work with children/youth who engage in self-injurious behaviour; however few really feel comfortable about the issue and in turn refer the child/youth for psychiatric consultation. Participants will learn how to identify those at risk and how to work with children/youth who self-harm. Increase your skills in empathetic listening, problem-solving, assessment and treatment. This training will also prepare you to respond to children/youth who approach you about their self-injurious behaviour.

By the end of this training you will know:

  • Warning signs, as well as the attitudes and myths surrounding self-harm
  • Why youth self-harm and how to bring this behaviour under control
  • Tools and treatment strategies to work with children and youth who self-harm

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Registration Info

  • Group Discount: 20% off groups of 4 or more from one agency.
  • Visit the event page on SafeGuards website for more info.