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New Program -- Trust Your Buddy, Canadian Council of the Blind

Trust Your Buddy (TYB) is the free health education resource for the blind and visually impaired across Canada. TYB is a program of the Canadian Council of the Blind. Using the power of the internet, we aim to engage, educate and empower you to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Ryan Van Praet is a Registered Kinesiologist with 10+ years of chronic disease management and health education; he is here as your free lifestyle coach, mentor, and buddy.

Reasons for this Program

Our program is focused on helping prevent common chronic diseases by addressing and helping to remove barriers to physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We believe that by sharing our videos and reaching out to individuals, that we can provide the necessary resources to help you overcome whatever is preventing you from living the active and healthy lifestyle you want and need.

What does this Program do?

TYB provides educational and entertaining descriptive videos on physical fitness, health education and lifestyle management topics in order to motivate the blind/visually impaired to live a lifestyle free of chronic disease and full of healthfulness. We provide information on adapting sport, including the support of a buddy, to allow for both athletes and everyone with a visual impairment, to participate in mainstream, community activities.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and Facebook page, reach out to us with your questions, and utilize Ryan as your health and fitness mentor.

For more information, please call (226)-627-2179 or email