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Linking for Healthy Communities: With Everyone, For Everyone, HC Link

Toronto, Ontario
November 20-21, 2017

BMO Institute for Learning

Linking for Healthy Communities 2017 will explore how communities can work with EVERYONE to create communities healthy for EVERYONE.
HC Link’s conference will be a safe, open space for curiosity, self-reflection and conversation about how to work across difference to build more inclusive communities. Sessions will cover equity, diversity, cultural humility, inclusion and allyship, with a focus on youth, ethnoracial, Francophone, and Indigenous communities.

Program Highlights

  • Hear Kim Katrin Milan, community organizer and advocate of equality and inclusion, deliver an inspiring keynote address.
  • Choose from 10 skill-building, interactive workshops.
  • Come to our Human Library Café to talk with and learn from people with different life experiences.
  • Enjoy a theatre performance that will bring reflections on the conference to life.
  • Attend the learning exchange for Healthy Kids Community Challenge Local Project Managers.
  • Experience French-language activities throughout the conference agenda.

See our preliminary program at or visit our website for more information:

Register by September 15th for an Early-Bird Rate of $310.

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