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Information Webinar: Kitchen Table Conversations for Action on Inclusion, OHCC and ONESTEP

April 19-27, 2017

This webinar is both an information session and an invitation to participate in the Kitchen Table Conversations for Action on Inclusion project, a collaboration of the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) and the Ontario Network of Employment Skills Training Programs (ONESTEP). We are offering six opportunities to participate in the information session, with one of them (April 27th) in French.

The project is aimed at developing a culture within rural community organizations that values diverse leadership and inclusive practices. Recognizing that isolated interventions often fall short of creating a culture of inclusion, ongoing support and engagement is built into the project. We will engage participants from across Ontario in a series of small, informal discussions that will advance inclusive leadership through collective transformative change.

This introductory webinar will explain the rationale of the project and its various components, as well as the many different ways that you could be involved.

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