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New Resources--Municipal Alcohol Polices, PHO

A municipal alcohol policy (MAP) outlines the safe, appropriate use of alcohol at municipally-owned or managed property, places, spaces and events. Public health units (PHUs) can work with municipalities to develop a comprehensive approach to alcohol policy. In 2015, Public Health Ontario’s Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) Scan found 236 or 53.1% of Ontario municipalities had an approved MAP (  Public Health Ontario (PHO) is pleased to support health units and municipalities with new resources to help in the development of new or revised policies.

PHO has developed a geographical information system (GIS) map of alcohol policies in Ontario identifying municipalities that have policies and municipalities where the existence of a policy is unknown:

The map is connected to a Municipal Alcohol Polices Repository: The repository is populated with alcohol policies which are “reported and available for review” via the GIS map. Those policies may be used as a reference to help municipalities draft their own policies. As policies are revised or made available, municipalities can work with health units to upload current policies through the MAP intake form:

We hope that you find these resources and others available on PHO’s Alcohol Resources page helpful:

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