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Understanding the Healing Brain; Howie, Sacks & Henry Personal Injury Law and Henderson Structured Settlements

Toronto, Ontario
May 24, 2017

Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel, 90 Bloor St East

This full day conference gives attendees a look at how brain injury survivors are getting help and hope through medical, legal and insurance communities.  The conference not only provides attendees with the latest research and outcomes of brain science, but also explores how adopting new treatments and approaches are evolving to better meet the needs of brain injury survivors. 

This is a must-attend event for medical professionals interested in neuroplasticity as well as personal injury lawyers, defense lawyers, law clerks, insurance claims professionals. We also welcome survivors and caregivers to attend.

Featuring Dr. Norman Doidge

All proceeds in support of St. Michael's Hospital Head Injury Clinic

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