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New Evidence Brief from PHO! Exploring interventions for perinatal mental health in a public health context

Mental health throughout the perinatal period is an important public health concern. The newest evidence brief from Public Health Ontario investigates evidence-based interventions to address perinatal mental health in a public health context. This evidence brief addresses a current gap in public health research. This evidence brief found that:

  • Psychosocial and psychological interventions were effective in addressing depression symptoms
  • A combination of interventions integrating different types of service providers may be most effective
  • There should be a consistent approach across the province to ensure the same high quality of programming, and continue to reduce stigma around perinatal depression

For more information on the methods, results and findings, see the full evidence brief:

Public health practitioners are key in addressing perinatal health, including supporting mental health in partnership with other health professionals. Public Health Ontario provides expertise and resources for perinatal health and mental health to support evidence-based practice.  

For more perinatal health and mental health resources please see our website: To find out more about our work underway in perinatal mental health, please see the Health Human Development Table page: