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Call for Submissions: Gay Men's Health Summit 2016: Resist Stigma!

Deadline September 9, 2016

Stigma is a strong social force that keeps people out. In school when we’re teased for being gay, on dates when we’re told we aren’t white, masculine, or muscular enough, and when we are made to feel inferior because of who we are or who we love. Stigma makes people feel ashamed of their bodies and emotions. It polices their gender and attractions.

Yet gay men persevere. We organize and we march to carve out spaces for ourselves. We create art and tell stories. We live and we thrive in a heteronormative society where the pernicious forms of stigma constantly assail us. What are the driving forces behind these imperatives and how effective are they both on a societal scale, and an individual scale? What toll does resistance take? How do intersecting identities aid or hinder the efforts to resist?

Join us at this year’s Summit to learn and share how we can Resist Stigma.

November 9 and 10, 2016
Vancouver, British Columbia

Last year we examined stigma’s impact on health. This year we will explore how to rethink stigma, push back, build resilience, and develop supportive social environments. With presentations from our Resist Stigma campaign team.

We accept proposals on all topics related to gay men’s health. Please be mindful of the Resist Stigma theme when preparing your submission.

Presentations: 15-20 minutes

  • Background/Issues: Research/program objectives; summary of issues
  • Description: Research methods; description of actions
  • Results: Summary of data; lessons learned
  • Conclusions: Implications; next steps

Workshop, Panel, Readings: 1 or 1.5 hour

  • Overview: Background; rationale
  • Description: Intended audience; learning objectives
  • Activities: Topics; speakers
  • Conclusions: Implications; next steps

Submissions Deadline: September 9, 2016

Send your submission, 300-word max, with title, author(s) and affiliation to