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Register for Skills Online Fall Session, PHO

Deadline August 28, 2016

Don’t fall behind! It’s not too late to register for Skills Online Fall session.


We still have spaces available for the following courses, beginning September 12th!

Registration closes August 28, 2016.  

To register or for detailed descriptions of current courses, go to

Facilitated Courses:

  • APP1 - Outbreak Investigation and Management
  • EPI1 - Basic Epidemiological Concepts
  • EPI2 - Measurement of Health Status
  • EPI3 - Epidemiological Methods
  • EVA1 – Introduction to Evaluation
  • HLT - Health Literacy for Public Health Practitioners
  • PHP2 - Evidence Based Public Health Practice
  • PHP3 - Planning for Public Health
  • SUR1 - Introduction to Surveillance
  • SUR2 - Communicating Data Effectively

Self-directed Courses:

  • COR1 - Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada Toolkit
  • IHR1 - Introduction to the International Health Regulations (2005)
  • PHP1 - Introduction to Public Health in Canada
  • PHP4 - Introduction to Literature Searching