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New Campaign--Women to Women, Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society’s "Women to Women" movement is a new campaign that aims to rally women together to increase awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening. Women across Ontario are encouraged to become Women to Women Ambassadors so they can spread the word to the women they care for that mammograms are the most reliable way to find breast cancer early and save lives.

Being a Women to Women Ambassador is easy.  The commitment is minimal – in total it’s just a few hours of time but the impact is significant.  Here are the ways that Ambassadors can make a difference.


First and foremost women are encouraged to lead by example, and make sure they get a mammogram every two years if they are 50 to 69.


Share the message that mammograms save lives with their network of friends and family.   They can do this by having brief face-to-face conversations with 10 women they know and sharing online through Facebook and email.  To make conversations easy, Ambassadors will use a neat tool developed by the Canadian Cancer Society called the Thingamaboob.  It is a keychain with different sized beads that shows how important mammograms are in finding breast cancer early when it is most treatable. All Ambassadors will be sent 11 Thingamaboobs, 10 to share with the women they chat with and 1 to keep for themselves.

Raise funds for breast cancer research:

Ambassadors also have the option to invite family and friends to make a donation to breast cancer research.

All the tools Ambassadors need will be at their fingertips once they join.

How to participate in Women to Women:

To learn more about becoming an Ambassador or to make a donation to support breast cancer research, visit

For more information, contact