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RFP--Policy Development for Healthy Eating and Active Living in the Woolwich Community, Waterloo Region Healthy Communities Partnership, Woolwich Healthy Communities Partnership Steering Committee (WHCPSC)

Waterloo, Ontario
Deadline October 4, 2013

The Waterloo Region Healthy Communities Partnership (WRHCP) and the Woolwich Healthy Communities Partnership Steering Committee (WHCPSC) are seeking a community consultant to investigate policy opportunities for improving healthy eating and physical activity in the Woolwich community by carrying out six focus groups, conducting consultative interviews with key stakeholders from Woolwich, facilitating a community workshop, and developing a written report and presentation(s) for WHCPSC and municipal councils. The consultant is expected to perform the following tasks.

  • Investigate supportive healthy eating and physical activity policy opportunities in the Woolwich community. These policy opportunities will support the enhancement of active physical access to healthy local food in neighborhood hubs, schools or places of work. Policy recommendations will involve an active transportation, sustainable food system approach in keeping with the Woolwich Healthy Communities Decision-Making Guiding Principles (Appendix) and improve the social, environmental and economic health of Woolwich community.  
  • Review information provided in various existing studies available within Woolwich and other local sources to create a policy development backgrounder report building upon work and recommendations already identified.  Sources of information include the reports produced by the Woolwich Community Health Centre, Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable, Waterloo Region Active Living Network, Wilmot Healthy Communities Coalition and Woolwich Township, and municipal plans.
  • Develop and implement a participative study with community focus groups in order to identify capacities, opportunities and barriers in the creation of healthy local food and active transportation systems within Woolwich, using the Woolwich Healthy Communities Decision-Making Guiding Principles as a basis.
  • Conduct consultative interviews with key stakeholders in the Woolwich community to identify strategic directions and potential partnerships for advocacy/policy work within the Woolwich community.
  • Generate, analyze and synthesize qualitative data gathered through the focus group interviews and produce a report with key policy/advocacy recommendations for the Woolwich community. This includes organizing and implementing focus groups and travelling to various areas in Woolwich. Focus group participants will include, but are not limited to: the farming community, recreation boards, health service providers, consumers, agricultural groups, and food businesses.
  • Organize, manage and implement a community workshop highlighting the qualitative data generated by the study and identify priorities in the areas of healthy eating and physical activity for Woolwich. The potential for collaborative action among focus group participants will also be identified. Written summaries from each focus group are to be made available to focus group participants and workshop attendees.
  • Consolidate the information generated from the focus groups and workshop into the written report.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations of the study process and outcomes for the community workshop and for Regional and Township Councils.

Contract and Proposal Details

  1. Consultant Salary/Fees: Funding for this policy development project is provided by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and administered through Region of Waterloo Public Health (ROWPH). Ministry funding for the consultant work will not exceed $10,000.00 (inclusive of all taxes, equipment, travel, supplies, etc.) to cover the topic of physical activity and healthy eating in the community of Woolwich In addition, the Ministry has awarded additional funds for other expenses (speakers, venue rentals, refreshments, and promotion) for the focus groups and workshop, which will be managed by WHCPSC and ROWPH.  
  2. The contract work must be complete by December 31st, 2013 to meet Ministry requirements. A draft report must be available at this time. However, the final presentation to Regional and Township Council may occur at a later date.   
  3. ROWPH in collaboration with the WHCPSC will select the consultant. The successful candidate is expected to:
    • Prepare a timeline for completion of the project.
    • Provide a midterm progress report to the WHCPSC and ROWPH.
    • Provide regular updates via email/phone, or in person when necessary to the WHCPSC.
    • Sign a confidentiality agreement and disclose any potential conflict of interest in this process.
    • Supply their own office space, software compatible with ROWPH (MS office suite 2007), focus group supplies and equipment (e.g., computer).
  4. The consultant will be asked to provide the following deliverables:
    • Key consultative interviews with stakeholders from the Woolwich community.
    • The organization, management, and implementation of six key focus groups within the month of October.
    • Written summary briefs from each focus group to be available for distribution at the following community workshop.
    • The organization, management and implementation of a community-wide workshop and PowerPoint presentation in November. The purpose of the workshop will be to highlight the results of the focus groups and to identify priorities and potential opportunities for community collaboration.
    • A written report to include an introduction, the purpose of the project, a brief and concisely written backgrounder summarizing local policy and data, the methods used to gather data and information, a summary and analysis of information gathered through the informant interviews, focus groups and workshop, and recommendations for next steps within the context of the Woolwich Healthy Communities’ decision-making guidelines.
    • PowerPoint presentations of the project, the report, and its results to each of the municipal councils (Region of Waterloo and Township of Woolwich).
  5. All work generated by the consultant will remain the property of WHCPSC, ROWPH, and the Woolwich Healthy Communities Coordinating Committee. The consultant is expected to sign a confidentiality agreement and disclose any potential conflict(s) of interest.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals and choose the consultant:

  • Experience working within the culture/community of Woolwich.
  • Experience with active transportation and food systems work promoting physical activity and healthy eating.
  • Knowledge of the various levels of policy development and advocacy work.
  • Experience in ethical qualitative research utilizing focus groups, and the synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of this consultative data.
  • Experience in organizing and delivering workshops.
  • Clear and concise writing and presentation skills; excellent facilitation and collaboration skills for community engagement and partnership building;
  • Able to get work done within a short time frame; proven project management skills.

Submission Requirements

Proposals should include:

  • A reflection of your understanding of the project scope.
  • CV or resume summarizing related achievements and qualifications.
  • A detailed work plan and timeline.
  • A detailed budget/cost estimate (including your per diem rate).
  • HST Business number.

Interested candidates must submit their proposal with the subject line “WHCPSC Proposal” by 5:00pm Friday, October 4th, 2013 to Katherine Pigott ( WHCPSC will screen the proposals. However, the final decision relating to the hiring of the consultant rests with ROWPH. The decision will be communicated to all consultants one week after the due date or sooner.

Anyone wishing to bid on this contract who is currently a member of WHCPSC or the Woolwich Healthy Communities Committee will be requested to temporarily step down from their involvement in these groups for the duration of the contract should they be awarded the work.

Cancellation of RFP
WHCPSC and ROWPH reserve the right to cancel this Request for Proposals (RFP) at any time without penalty or cost to it. The RFP and resulting Proposal are not considered a commitment by both organizations to enter into any contract. For more information please contact Katherine Pigott at 519-883-2004 ext 5415 or    
Appendix: Woolwich Healthy Communities Guiding Principles

This group of questions should be used in making decisions. They are meant to be used together. Each question is equally important. They are not listed in any particular order.

Is this decision/plan likely to:

Build a Feeling of Community?
Create more opportunities for friendly interaction and neighbourly support among people in Woolwich Township? Support churches, service organizations, neighbourhood groups, cultural activities? Promote interaction among individuals living in the Township?

Give Voice and Choice?
Encourage all those affected, including people often left out, to participate in making decisions that affect them? Increase people’s capacity to choose what’s best for them?

Support Farming?
Provide opportunities for people to pursue farming, either full-time or part-time and/or pursue other agriculture-related activities for pay or leisure? Increase the amount of food produced and available for purchase within the Township?

Support Local Business?
Increase the quality and quantity of products and services made available to Township residents by local businesses? Increase locally available employment opportunities that include fair wages and safe and healthy working conditions? Help bring sustainable business opportunities to Woolwich Township?

Treat Waste as a Resource?
Promote the 5 R’s by – Re-using local resources as much and as many times as possible? Reducing the amount of waste going to landfills and other waste disposal outlets? Recycling what cannot be reused? Replacing what has been taken (e.g. agricultural lands), so that the amount of local resources is not being diminished? Use waste products or waste treatment processes for Replenishing resources that have been damaged or degraded?

Improve Community Amenities?
Promote public transit, bicycle use and other non-car modes of transport? Make main streets, byways, trails and neighbourhoods safe, healthy and attractive ‘people places’? Provide good housing to people of all income levels? Ensure that people have good access to shops and stores where they can buy basic necessities?

Improve the Quality of the Environment?
Create a clean, green township? Improve soil, air and water quality in rivers, streams and wells? Preserve and maintain woodlands, wetlands, river edges, habitats and corridors for wildlife and wild plants? Encourage environmentally sound practices by businesses, industries and individuals?

Provide for People’s Basic Needs?
Change people’s capacity to provide for their own basic living requirements? Give access to – adequate food, clothing and shelter, clean water, soil and air, educational opportunities, assistance with care for dependent or ill family members? Provide sources of productive, safe and satisfying work with an adequate income?

Honour the Past, Safeguard the Future?
Preserve and maintain cultural resources, including rural landscapes, wildlands, buildings and streetscapes that connect people to their history and to local cultural heritage? Consider the needs and interests of future generations, so that quality of life and choice for our children’s children is assured?