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Facilitator, Seniors WrapAround Project, London InterCommunity Health Centre

London, Ontario
Deadline July 29, 2013

1 Full-Time (37.5 hours per week) Position – French Language Preferred

The London InterCommunity Health Centre was established in 1989 to support individuals and families whose poverty, isolation, age, lack of housing or immigration status prevented access to both health and social services. Today, we continue to provide inclusive and equitable health and social services to those who experience barriers to care, and we support and encourage individuals to participate in the community.

We are currently looking for an individual who is interested in working with seniors who face challenges accessing health and social services. Our goal is to work with seniors and their families to support them to identify needs and access supports that will help them live at home in dignity and good health, for as long as possible. Using a process called WrapAround; facilitators will work with seniors and their caregivers to

  • Identify needs that profoundly isolated and vulnerable seniors may have that affect their ability to live at home safely, independently and in good health;
  • Work with seniors and caregivers to solve problems and come up with ideas to help them meet these needs;
  • Develop a plan to implement the solutions that have been identified;
  • Help seniors and their caregivers develop the capacity to work together to as a team to meet their needs.

Position Requirements

  • Understanding of issues related to access to health services faced by seniors dealing with poverty and profound isolation
  • A strong understanding of the difficulties faced by immigrant and francophone seniors when accessing services due to limited English language skills
  • Proficiency in English
  • The ability to develop effective relationships with seniors and support them in identifying and accessing needed services
  • The ability to work with caregivers in a supportive and respectful manner
  • Experience developing and implementing outreach strategies to a culturally diverse senior community
  • Good research skills for identifying formal and informal resources in the community
  • Ability to develop relationships with service providers in the community
  • Working knowledge of Health Determinants and Health Promotion, as well as the WrapAround process

Please forward your resume by email to Dharshi Lacey at by Monday, July 29, 2013 at 5:00 pm.

We are committed to hiring internationally educated professionals who are looking for the opportunity to access the Canadian Labour Market.