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Public Health Promotion Practicum Placement (Guyana), Ve’ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian Relief Committee

Deadline June 21, 2013

Ve’ahavta is a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization motivated by the Jewish values of Tikun Olam (repairing the world) and Tzedakah (justice), that assists the needy at home and abroad through volunteerism and education while building bridges between Jews and other peoples. Ve’ahavta has worked in Guyana with a variety of local partners since 1997 to provide free medical care and health education to remote indigenous communities.

Background: Bri’ut is a community-based ecological health promotion program designed to support local, community led health promotion programs and to support general healthy behavior change at the local level. Bri’ut supports the development of long term and sustainable preventative health programming in Amerindian communities by working with local stakeholders to motivate, educate and empower individuals in targeted regions to make informed and healthful choices. Bri’ut is health in Hebrew.

Program Objectives:

To support community-defined and community-led health promotion initiatives by focusing on:

  • Empower local providers/communities to define their own needs and strategies for how these needs will be addressed;
  • Education of local health care providers;
  • Education of the local population;
  • Build relationships between remote communities, urban centres strategies for community advocacy;
  • Creating a replicable model for community-led health promotion projects that are not dependent on outside interventions or resources, and are replicable in remote communities throughout Guyana.

Conditions: Fellows will receive a monthly stipend as well as project allowance which can be used to support local community based initiatives related to Bri’ut. Ve’ahavta covers the cost of flights, medical insurance and provides logistical support and pre-departure training.


  • Masters Level Graduate Students (Health Promotion) or qualified public health practitioners will be placed in Guyana for a 4 month fellowship.
  • Fellows work closely with local health team and stakeholders to help in identifying health promotion needs as expressed by communities, and to assist in supporting community-driven health initiatives and health program strategies through collaboration, participation and community action.

Placement Requirements:

  • Respect for culture and autonomy of indigenous peoples; experience with indigenous communities an asset;
  • Experience working in public health/health promotion in resource-poor settings;
  • Experience with development, implementation and evaluation of health promotion initiatives;
  • Willingness to collaborate with local and international partners, including government, other NGOs and community/regional stakeholders
  • Openness to working with different cultures and a new set of cultural/professional norms
  • Fulfillment of graduate program practicum obligations and Ve’ahavta Bri’ut placement terms of reference

Application Deadline: June 21, 2013
Placement Start Date: August 2013

For more details, please visit

All applicants must complete a volunteer application including a CV, a personal statement, and provide two professional references.

For further inquiry, or to receive application materials, please contact:

Sarah Zelcer, Director of International Projects
(416) 964-7698 Ext. 215
Fax: (416) 964-6582