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Planning at a Glance, Public Health Ontario

June 21, 2013

10:30-11:30 a.m. (EDT)

This webinar provides an overview of six steps to health promotion planning. The steps include: pre-planning and project management, situational assessment, setting goals, audiences and outcome objectives, choosing strategies and activities and assigning resources, developing indicators, and reviewing the plan.  As we examine the six steps, we address the “how” and “why” of each step. To close, we identify quality sources for more information, tools and describe our customized services.

Presenter: Salima Allibhai-Hussein

Learning objectives

  • Identify and understand the different steps in the planning process.
  • Describe what is involved in each step.
  • Reflect on how the model can be used to address your own planning experiences and needs.
  • Know how to access our products and services to support your planning needs.

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