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Eighth Annual Assembly of the 
Canadian Association for Food Studies
, At the Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of Food Studies

Victoria, British Columbia

June 1-4, 2013

University of Victoria

The 2013 CAFS conference theme involves the bridging of many disciplines, ideas, places, and people. “At the edge” represents our individual and collective exploration of these boundaries—of disciplines, methods, forms of collaboration—and our sense of the need to embrace the periphery. The theme of “at the edge” encourages us to reflect on the realities of social inequality and how we can aim for greater inclusivity by bringing more marginalized voices to the centre of food studies. This relates to how we position food studies at larger scales—in broader social, academic, and policy debates—and how food may engage diverse actors, voices, and perspectives.

Keynote address by Patricia Allen: "Dancing with (not around) the elephants in the room: Building sustainable and equitable food systems for all"

Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS). CAFS was founded by academics and professionals from governmental and community organizations interested in promoting interdisciplinary scholarship in the broad area of food systems: food policy, production, distribution and consumption.

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