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Handle With Care (theatre production)

Sky Works is currently producing a documentary film about a remarkable

community theatre group that is working to make a difference for women who live with metastatic breast cancer. The film documents the effort of this troupe to challenge and support other women, families and care providers who everyday must deal with the realities of metastatic breast cancer.

Why should I come to watch it? First, to see the play. It is full of hope and humour and shatters conventional images of women living with disease. These women are not victims or invalids. They are strong, funny, and full of vitality. But they are also fighting a fierce battle. Second, to be part of a much-needed audience. We need to film the play in the presence of responsive, thoughtful, and caring people-people like you!

What do you need from me? Just a commitment to show up for any one of the performances and to stay for an hour and a half. Please RSVP, as soon as you are able, to (416) 536-6581, to put your name on the audience list. We need your firm commitment to ensure a full house.

Where/When? At the Robert Gill Theatre, 214 St George Street, on the nights of Feb 22, 23, and 24, 2000. The entrance to the theatre is on St. George Street, at the northwest corner of College and St. George. Showtime is 7:00 p.m. sharp.