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Introduction to Social Marketing and CBSM, Tools of Change

January 18, 2013

12:00-1:30 p.m. Eastern Time

In this 90 minute introductory webinar you will learn the language and key concepts of Social Marketing and Community-Based Social marketing. First, you'll review their evolution and roles in the intervention continuum. Next you'll apply Exchange Theory to your own planning situation, then participate in a game of "Know Your Audience." You'll review a case study that illustrates the stages of planning a program and the four Ps of marketing. Then you'll be introduced to the synergistic tools of change emphasized in Community-Based Social Marketing, and will apply one of these tools - Prompts - to the behaviour you want to promote. Finally you'll review a mini-case study and get suggestions for further resources on the topic.

Introductory level. Note that the focus is on behaviour change. By "social marketing" we mean the broad discpline of behaviour change marketing rather than social media marketing.

Tip: There is no additional charge when you invite others to participate in the webinar with you at your location, using the same computer and telephone connection.

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