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Call for Abstracts--Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education2013 Annual Conference

Deadline February 15, 2013
Conference Overview
June 11, 2013
Vancouver, BC

In an ever changing health care environment there is a need to ensure CHE/CPD delivery continues to evolve including shifting cultures towards interprofessional and interagency collaboration in health care. CACHE 2013 provides an environment to exchange best practices around CHE/CPD, its impact on health professionals, patient care, health systems and society and to discuss innovations in shifting cultures towards collaboration across all stages of the learning continuum.

We invite you to share your work, ideas, best practices, research and challenges with fellow Canadian CHE/CPD and regulatory professionals by submitting an abstract for a workshop, research paper, best practice, facilitated poster or innovation booth related to the following themes:

  • CHE/CPD in the workplace: Subthemes: Interprofessional learning, collaborative practice learning, leveraging workplace technology for learning, learning together and learning to work together
  • CHE/CPD innovation: Subthemes: Use of technology in CHE/CPD, continuum of learning,outcomes measurement, CPD culture shift for interprofessional learning in practice, current trends on how professionals learn
  • CPD alignment with performance assessment and improvement: Subthemes: Self reflection, self assessment, CPD impact on practice, quality improvement
  • Collaboration: Subthemes: CHE/CPD collaboration models, barriers and facilitators of collaboration, culture shift for collaboration, collaborative learning in the workplace

We also welcome submission of other topics of relevance to CHE/CPD.  However, priority will be given to abstracts related to the program theme and subthemes.

To submit an abstract, please visit

Only abstracts submitted electronically will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding abstracts or wish to be an abstract reviewer, please contact Marina at