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New Resource--Online Business Case Creator: Webinar and Consultation Services, PHO & NCCMT

The OBCC is an addition within the newly released Online Health Program Planner 2.0 (OHPP 2.0).
Use the OBCC to:

  • Assess - create a scorecard showing your project’s strengths and limitations.
  • Analyze - identify and emphasize the risks and benefits of your project.
  • Advise - draw conclusions about the potential impact of your project.

Work on one business case, work on many business cases! Copy your business case and tailor it for other audiences.  Start now. Return later. Print your business case. Change it as it develops.
For beginners, managers, teachers and seasoned practitioners. A one-stop planning shop.
About the Webinar

The new Online Business Case Creator (OBCC) is a tool that will guide you through a three-step process to assess and analyze your project and help you make your best recommendations about whether a project should move forward.

PHO's Health Promotion Field Support Staff will provide an orientation to the OBCC, the new Project Management Tools (PMT) and the original Online Health Program Planner (OHPP).

Participants will leave this session armed with an understanding of the basic functionality of the OBCC and where to find further supports when using this tool.

The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) and Public Health Ontario (PHO) are working together to launch and support the Online Business Case Creator (OBCC).

For information about related services and materials, please phone (647) 260-7471, write or visit the resource centre page on the PHO website: