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Online Resources Related to Feature 714

Smoking and the Bottom Line: Updating the Costs of Smoking in the Workplace outlines the costs of tobacco use to employers and makes the business case for helping employees quit. Developed by the Conference Board of Canada.

Building on our Gains, Taking Action Now:  Ontario’s Tobacco Control Strategy for 2011 – 2016. Report from the Tobacco Strategy Advisory Group.  October 2010.

Evidence to Guide Action: Comprehensive Tobacco Control in Ontario is a report of the Smoke Free Ontario Scientific Advisory Committee released in October 2010.

A Model for Assessing Gaps in Smoking Cessation Systems and Services in a Local Public Health Unit presents pilot study results of a method for assessing gaps in smoking cessation systems. Developed by Minian N., Schwartz R., Garcia J., Selby P., McDonald, P. Toronto for the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, Special Report. September 2008.

Public Health – Everyone’s Business is the 2009 Annual Report  of the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario.  

Towards a Healthier Workplace. This Health Canada guidebook is designed to help employees and employers who are preparing to create or strengthen tobacco control policies in their workplaces. It was updated in 2006.