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NCCMT - Enhanced Registry of Methods and Tools

The Registry of Methods and Tools is a searchable online collection of evidence-informed methods (processes) and tools (instruments) for knowledge translation in public health.

Who is the Registry of Methods and Tools for?

The Registry was designed especially for individuals who need effective resources for knowledge translation. The expanding inventory of methods and tools supports the planning, doing and evaluating of public health policies and practices.

Here are some examples of how you can use the Registry:

Are you a front-line practitioner?    Find tools to help you communicate to clients
and colleagues about an intervention.

  • Are you a knowledge broker?    Find methods and tools for collaborating with community partners.
  • Are you a policy maker?    Find tools to summarize relevant evidence for policy decisions.
  • Are you an evaluator?    Find tools to summarize and evaluate public health related research.
  • Are you a decision maker?    Find methods that support the uptake of innovation in your organization.
  • Are you a researcher?    Help develop new methods and tools for knowledge translation and be part of strengthening public health.

Find this resource on our website or contact the Registry project team at  for more information.