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Educational Opportunities Related to Feature 676

Overview of New Media Workshop

The Health Communication Unit, in partnership with Health Nexus, developed a workshop to explore social media and discuss information and ideas about a wide range of social media tools. These tools can help make health promotion work more effective, easier, and possibly even more fun including blogs, wikis, YouTube, Face book, instant messaging, Survey Monkey, online conferencing or Google's wide array of online tools.

The workshop focuses on applying social media for internal communication within an organization and external communication to segmented public populations. This workshop is intended for Health Unit staff who see potential in using virtual media to communicate internally with other staff, and/or externally. Contact

The online summary of this workshop can be accessed at

Local College and University Continuing Education

For example, Brock University Continuing Education Spring 2010 calendar offers a course on Twitter, Face book and You Tube as well as Blogging and Simple Web Design: