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Frameworks, Models and Tools Related to Feature Article 628

CHC Model of Care
Information and resources for community-based primary health care training including a manual and definition at

Conceptual Framework for CDPM
Alternative frameworks for thinking about CDPM from the Centretown Community Health Centre at

City of Ottawa’s Community Development Framework
"Based on the four key guiding principles – Collaboration, Coordination, Community Participation and Leveraging of Resources – which are inherent to the No Community Left Behind strategy and demonstrative of the CPS direction," at

Strengthening Chronic Disease Prevention and Management through Dialogue, Planning and Assessment
Canadian Public Health Association chronic disease tool presents eight critical success factors for strengthening chronic disease prevention and management, with guiding questions at

Institute of Wellbeing Alternate Indicators and Measures of CDPM Successes
"A new way of measuring wellbeing that goes beyond narrow economic measures like GDP. It will provide unique insights into the quality of life of Canadians – overall, and in specific areas that matter," at

Public Health Agency of Canada Community Capacity Building Tool
A tool for planning, building and reflecting on community capacity in community-based health projects at

Interactive Domain Model

A best practices approach to preventing illness and enhancing health, for people working in health promotion, public health, and population health at