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Journal Articles Related to Cognitive Overload

Predictors of cancer information overload: findings from a national survey by Kim, Lustria, Burke and Kwon (2007) explores predictors of information overload from individuals seeking cancer information. A secondary analysis was performed of the 2003 Health Information National Trends Survey conducted by the US National Cancer Institute. The strongest predictors were identified as education level and cognitive aspects of information seeking. The paper is available at

Information and sensory overload in psychology and marketing by Naresh K. Malhorta presents an overview of research and discusses several implications for public policy, managerial decision-making and the behaviour of consumers. From Psychology and Marketing, Volume 1, Issue 3-4, pages 9-12, September 2006. Available at

The limited capacity model of mediated message processing article in Journal of Communication, Volume 50, 2000 presents an information-processing model that is directly applicable to the investigation of how mediated messages are processed. It applies the model to television viewing.