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OHPE Bulletin 83, Volume 1998, No. 83

There was a strong reaction to the resources listed in this issue of the bulletin (OHPE #83.2 Dec 4 1998). We received a number of calls and emails (one congratulatory, four very concerned). "The listings of web sites were full of father rights items (such as FACT, DADs) - and cite items such as Donna Laframboise's article on the "scam of women's shelters" - "the end of feminism" etc."

Lorraine Telford, who prepared the feature and compiled the resources commented: "I did have a look, and thought that although the sites were biased, they are no more biased than many of the other web-based resources we have put in other bulletins! ... But, I also feel as health promoters, a) we should be aware of what's out there and b) we should continue to understand and listen to others' perspectives even if they don't fit with our own (perhaps even to supply alternative interpretations!)"

We will continue to offer a variety of features and resources, and attempt to offer critical analysis or alternative interpretations of sometimes controversial perspectives related to health promotion