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OHPE Bulletin 77, Volume 1998, No. 77

The following resources were compiled by Lorraine Telford of The Health Communication Unit, and Alex McKay of SIECCAN to complement the OHPE Bulletin #77.1 feature on Effective, Democratic Sexuality Education



In last week's OHPE Bulletin #76.2 Resources, there was a description of the Canadian Health Network's new web-site. Unfortunately, the announcement was premature - the web-site that was given is a prototype and is still in testing stages. Please do not consider it a 'final product'. The public launch of the Canadian Health Network will be announced later in the year. Our apologies to Health Canada and the Canadian Health Network for this misunderstanding.

This week's feature is Sexuality Education: Health Promotion and Democratic Values. It is is adapted and reprinted from the October 1998 Choices not Chances newsletter of the Haliburton-Kawartha-PineRidge District Health Unit (with permission). Author Alexander McKay, Ph. D. is the Research Coordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SEICCAN), based in East York. He has written a new text (see references) related to the democratic values in sexual education in schools. These values are explicitly aligned with values in health promotion and Dr. McKay addresses them here for all of us. (L. Telford)