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OHPE Bulletin 73, Volume 1998, No. 73


When we [Rachel Smith & Alison Stirling] went looking for information on what defines a "caring community" - it was surprisingly difficult to find. For your consideration, we have collected two perspectives - from the Trillium Foundation's Caring Communities Award program and from Crime Concern, a crime prevention program that describes itself as a Caring Community program. Each of the communities who put in proposals to the Trillium Foundation described themselves as a Caring Community, and some have had municipal declarations, similar to Healthy Communities proclamations, that they are "Caring Community" (for example, Collingwood). These organizational and resource descriptions are for YOU to determine what it might mean! Your suggestions and contributions are welcome - please "reply to" this message or send to or


Again, when we looked for a single perspective on safe communities - we found at least three separate organizations and perspectives defining themselves as "Safe Communities" - safe workplaces/safe community; safety from injury and crime; and safe from violence. Curiously, none of the three web-sites of Ontario based Safe Communities that follow had any links to each other, nor any apparent knowledge of the other Safe Communities. The interest began when Bob Jeffrey, of Northwestern Health Unit, informed us of an upcoming event in Fort Frances to celebrate the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition having a site visit in November from the World Health Organization, as part of its designation as a Safe Community. We had featured this coalition in our look at Northern Health Promotion initiatives (Feb. 20/98) and went back to the web-site at the Safe Communities Foundation to see if there was news of the upcoming event. One thing lead to another, and now is information about the Foundation, its conference, participating communities, events and then information on North Bay Safe Community and the Toronto Safe City Committee. Another other perspectives to offer? News and views? Send them in.

This week we almost have two or three features for you! Penny Paucha has written a fascinating feature on assessing the readiness of an organization to change, and whether everyone is sharing change responsibilities. This feature is a second part of one on organizational change prepared by Peter O'Donnell for OHPE #51, on April 24, 1998. The two pieces, in a longer version will soon be published as a resource. Look for it on OPCs web-site soon - The third message this week has two "mini features" with a look at Caring Communities and how they are defined by two different organizations; and Safe Communities in 3 different initiatives using the term. Rachel Smith has done much of the research tracking down these resources, and uncovering a richness of activity across the province, as well as news about more conferences and events!

OHPE Bulletin is looking for features, and resources that would address a wide variety of topics related to health promotion. If you have an idea or a submission contact: Alison Stirling or Noelle Gadon We will send you our framework of features topics and guidelines for submissions of features, resources, news, announcements and job postings.