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OHPE Bulletin 56, Volume 1998, No. 56

Introduction To OHPE #56 Resources

In the recent issue of Promotion and Education (the journal of the International Union of Health Promotion and Education) there are three examples of health promotion in different settings: the community, the city and the hospital. Next week in the OHPE Bulletin we will look at health promotion in the "city setting" - but this week in the OHPE Resources, there is an opportunity to look at another kind of "setting"-the virtual one. As Anne Bunde-Birouste, editor of Promotion & Education put it:

"Some Internet fans may argue that cyberspace could be

interpreted as a setting, thus be included in the healthy

settings rubric.".

Many people would disagree - however for today - lets look at a few 'virtual' and 'real' resources that can aid in our health promotion work.

In this message there is information about a new COIP french language resource on accessing and using the Internet, with comprehensive descriptions, resources and glossary. It is a companion piece to the OPC publication "Getting Connected:

Using Computers for Health Promotion" that was published in June 1997.


In the IUHPE journal a very detailed and helpful article has just been published on "Using Online Lists for Health Promotion", which will prove very useful to the many people who are exploring how to use

their email system to reach others, get information and engage in discussion. A new on-line list is also described below in "Workfare Watch" - a very Ontario focused discussion on the impacts of welfare reform and the implications for community health.

As well there is a description of a virtual and real activity and service of great interest to health promoters - the new Health Promotion Field of the Cochrane Collaboration Library. Lastly, an

announcement of a virtual conference on Action Evaluation (in OHPE 56.0), offering another way to participate in learning about and assessing the impacts of change in our environment.

-- Alison Stirling