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OHPE Bulletin 51, Volume 1998, No. 51


Correction to OHPE #50.1 Feature on Job Postings

From: Helen Bedkowski, Thursday, April 23, 1998

RE: National Population Health Clearinghouse ... Correction to Job Postings in OHPE #50.1 Apr 17, 1998

Further to the collection of job postings that went out in the Ontario Health Promotion Email bulletin and CLICK4HP on April 17, 1998, a correction notice is hot on its heels.

Please note that there was an error in the issue of the job postings for the NPHC ..... the name of the organization is the National Population Health Clearinghouse (working title) and NOT the Health Promotion Information Centre.

The job postings are being reissued and follow-up copies with the correction notice are being distributed.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have forwarded any of the job postings to an organization, individual or website/jobsite, would you be so kind as to forward the correction notice.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Helen Bedkowski,

Phone: 416.408.2121, ext. 417, Fax: 416.408.4716,


It is a very busy time indeed! As you can see from the long list of conferences, workshops and events over the next two months, this is prime time for activity. And not to be left out, the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin is getting ready for it's one year anniversary May 1, 1998. Coincidentally, that very day is also when the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (and OHCC, Voices, Best Start and others living here) moves to a new address - 180 Dundas Street West Suite 1900, Toronto, M5G 1Z8. Although our phone and fax numbers stay the same, everything else changes. What YOU will notice is that the Internet services of OPC will be unavailable from 9:00 am Friday May 1st until possibly Monday May 4th. So the sending out of the OHPE Bulletin's Anniversary issue will happen first thing on Friday May 1st before the great shut-down. If you have anything to contribute to the OHPE Bulletin, please send it in as soon as possible! We will be featuring some of the exciting developments at OPC and partners as a way to look back at our future. Look forward to articles and resources about change, socio-technical models, francophone resources, making collaboration work and much more in the Anniversary Edition of OHPE Bulletin.

This week, there are brief listings of many conferences, forums and events that are taking place in the next two months, plus job postings and notices in this bulletin. As well there is a listing of health events and special week designations (in the third message) along with some resources that have surfaced in the process of sorting papers and references for packing (great gems that are revealed while digging into files and shelves!). Two separate discussion pieces are included in this week's Bulletin - the feature on implementing change and getting past barriers, and a re-posting of some of the messages on CLICK4HP related to the cuts in nutrition benefits to pregnant women (in the third message). Please send your comments to