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OHPE Bulletin 45, Volume 1998, No. 45

The List of [Health & Other] Events

Today I received an english copy of Reference Canada's national events list. I am copying the message that I received. This list is available in french as well. Tom Batstone of Best Start Barrie was looking for the list of events, health weeks, days and months that we had included in the OHPE Bulletin in August last year and he had followed up on that listing and got a full one. Remember the excellent list that used to appear in Health Promotion in Canada, with contact names, organizations, tel & fax numbers for more information? Well this is where it all comes from AND they list web-sites too!

We are discussing the possibilities of seeing this list available on a web-site to make it possible to access easily and link to the appropriate organizations. More news later - Alison Stirling

Reference Canada's National Events List.

This list has been revised for 1998. Please keep in mind that this document has been copied from our database. If you require information about any federal government programs and services, our Information Officers would be pleased to assist you at (800) 667-3355.

The distribution the National Events List by electronic mail is still in its development stage. The document is saved in ANSI (Windows) Text. Any simple text editor should be able to read the document.

Sandra Nice, Administrative Officer

e-mail Sandra.Nice@PWGSC.GC.CA

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