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Quality of Life

Addressing Health Issues of the Homeless


A. Addressing The Health Issues Of Chronically Homeless Individuals In Ottawa
i. The Ottawa Inner City Health Project
ii. Sustainability
iii. Contacts

B. Services For Homeless People In The City Of Toronto (Backgrounder)
Toronto's Extreme Weather Response Plan for People at Risk
Homeless Health Reference Group


WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY? LETS, Charitable Giving, Investing and Income


A. Introduction

B. The LETS story - Local Currencies Help Community Happen

C. Do Canadians Give Their Money and Time Away?

D. Who is Giving of Themselves - the 'limits' of charity?

E. Socially Responsible Investing - another use for your money?

F. A Last Provocative Challenge On Income And Being 'Cost-Effective'

G. References

- submitted by Alison Stirling,

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