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Quality of Life

The Quality of Seniors' Lives in Canada


I Introduction

II Results

III Conclusion

-- by Toba Bryant, PhD, York Centre for Health Studies and

Dennis Raphael, PhD, School of Health Policy and Management, York University

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Asking Citizens what matters for Quality of Life in Canada: A rural lens. (2001)


Using a series of public dialogues with groups from across Canada, researchers explored citizens' perceptions concerning quality of life issues. Regardless of personal background, participants agreed that the issues involved included political rights and democracy, health, education, the environment, social programs, personal well-being, safe communities, the economy and government. Results were analyzed according to participants' memberships in the following population groups: rural, urban, influencer or hard-to-reach.

Letters to the Editor, May 2003


A. Responses to OHPE 307.1, "Risk Communication: An Overview (reprint)"

1) J. Challis commentary on SARS communications and link to article

2) Marketing Magazine article "Toronto's PR bungle on SARS"

3) P. Sandman and J. Lanard link to their column "'Fear is spreading faster than SARS'-- and so it should!"

B. Response to OHPE 310.1, "Access to Oral Health Services"

1) Halton Oral Health Outreach Program

Who Cares for the Caregiver?


I Introduction

II Needs of the informal caregiver

III Caregiver Support Program

IV Conclusion

V References

- written by Lise Tessier, Infirmière en santé publique/Public Health Nurse, Programme de soutien aux aidants naturels/Caregiver Support Program, Ville d'Ottawa/City of Ottawa, 495 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 4A4, 724-4122 #26185

With contributions from Jean McKibbon and Maryan O'Hagan.


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