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Make Your Workplace a Healthy Workplace!


I Introduction

II Healthy Workplace Week

III The Five-Day Revive-and-Thrive Challenge

IV NQI's Roadmap to a Healthy Workplace

Submitted by Cortney Anderson, Marketing Coordinator, National Quality Institute (NQI). The NQI is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing Canada's national well being and global leadership through the adoption of management principles and practices that reinforce and sustain excellence in all sectors of our economy.

Shiftwork Like Clockwork: French Version


Sudbury & District Health Unit

 The Sudbury & District Health Unit and the Porcupine Health Unit are pleased to announce the availability of our Shiftwork Like Clockwork Facilitator's Training Guide, French version. This program is set up to enable you to facilitate your own Shiftwork Like Clockwork Workplace Wellness Program.

Sharing News And Resources on Health Promotion & Public Health


I OPHA Profile on Public Health Spring Education Days
II More Items of Interest to Public Health
III eCHC News Creates Kids' Asthma Web Sites
IV Alcohol in the News
V Healthy Workplace News
VI Even More New Articles of Interest to Health Promoters!

For today's feature message, Alison Stirling has collected recent news and articles of interest from fellow health promotion organizations and publications, both in print and on email lists.


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