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Community Capacity Building - Understanding It, Measuring It, Seeing It in Action



A. Understanding Community Capacity Building

B. Measuring It

C. Seeing It in Action, in Ontario

D. Ways to Participate - A First Step: Civic Engagement & Elections 2000

By Alison Stirling, Health Promotion Consultant, OPC

Are We Making Progress in Social Development and Quality of Life? How will we know?


Introduction - the Ontario Social Development Council

A. The Global Level - Geneva 2000 UNGASS & Social Development

B. Finding Indicators of Change through Quality of Life Indexes

i) Two national initiatives on QoL - Treasury board and CPRN

ii)The Ontario Quality of Life Index

C. Three Ontario Communities Report on QLI Progress

i) Community Development Council - Quinte

ii)Halton Social Planning Council

iii) Algoma Social Planning council and the Building an Extraordinary Community initiative

D. Issues of Measuring and Monitoring Quality of Life


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