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Risk Trade-Offs in Public Health Action: The West Nile Virus Example


I Introduction

II Public Health Interventions

III Public Health Laws

IV Public Protest

V Conclusion

VI References

-- Nola M. Ries, Project Manager/Research Associate, Health Law Institute, University of Alberta,

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Tobacco Action Plan for This Generation - NNSW 2002 and Youth



A. National Non-Smoking Week

Weedless Wednesday

B. Youth and Anti-Tobacco Efforts

1. The Importance of Youth to the Tobacco Industry

2. Reasons to Involve Youth in Anti-Tobacco Efforts

3. Ways to Involve Youth in Anti-Tobacco Efforts

C. PTCC Resources

i) Training - Youth Advocacy for Tobacco Control

ii) The Power of Many: Tobacco Action Plan for this Generation

D. References

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