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Healthy Child Development

FAS/E resources on the Internet


A. Introduction

B. Government health departments and agencies

C. Research and/or policy

D. Not-for-profit organizations on FAS

By Christine Marton, Ph.D. Candidate

Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Christine Marton is a third year doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto. Her academic background is in human biology (B.Sc., M.Sc.) secondary science education (B.Ed.), and information science (M.I.St). Christine's research area is women's health information-seeking behaviour on the World Wide Web.

Please note that this review has been shortened for the OHPE bulletin. The full review will be available next week on the OHPE website at

"Parental training for incarcerated fathers: effects on attitudes, self-esteem, and children's self-perceptions."


Type of Resource: Article
Source: Journal-of-Social-Psychology. 137(5): 588-593, Oct. 1997.
Author: Harrison, K.


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