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Healthy Child Development

Preconception Health Promotion


I Introduction

II Research and Strategies

III Health of the Father

IV General Approaches

V Key Principles

VI Strategies

VII Some examples of opportunistic Preconception Promotional Activities

VIII Research and Evaluation

IX Summary

- submitted by Tekla Hendrickson of the Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre,



A. Introduction / Overview

B. How is obesity defined?

C. What causes obesity?

D. Why is obesity such a health risk? The link to chronic disease -

E. What can be done to prevent obesity?

F. What can be done to treat obesity?

G. A Call to Action for Communities

H. Sample Initiatives

I. Print References

by Nancy Dubois, ( with the assistance of Erica Di Ruggiero.

The Parenting Alliance: Fostering a Culture of Parenting


A. Introduction

B. The Connection Between Positive Parenting and Healthy Child Development

C. The Need for The Parenting Alliance

D. A Means to an End

E. References

by Bernadette Navarro, Communications Coordinator, The Parenting Alliance.

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Note from the OHPE Team: Bernadette's article provides a wonderful starting point and we would love to feature more articles on this topic. If you are interested in writing for us -- for example on teen parenting, the effects of low socioeconomic status on parenting, or involving parents directly in programming -- please contact or

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